The bounce pass—one of the most fundamental moves in basketball. When we watch a college or professional basketball game, most don’t even take note of its existence. We pay attention to the three point shots and spectacular dunks. If you

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Why Recite?

Recitation is one of the academic habits that will be a focus for all classes in the elementary school this year. The reciting of stories is one of the oldest of academic habits since it pre-dates the written word. Much

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The Virtue of Temperance (Self-Control)

October is bully prevention month across our nation. As our culture grows more aware of the emotional impact of bullying, I believe educators and parents have taken the behaviors far more seriously. As a Christian school, we want to cultivate

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Curriculum Update Part II: English Grammar

“Great writers, over the centuries, have been masters of their arts through the use of rich and vivid imagery combined with carefully chosen language. Readers are drawn into stories and are captivated by the seamless connection of words… Explicit instruction in grammar along with practical application in writing allows children to grow into confident, efficient, and effective writers.”

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Johnny Can Spell

We are excited to introduce a seasoned and time-tested approach to phonics in our JK through 5th grades that will teach students to read and write fluently. Giving our students the building blocks of phonics, the first 54 phonograms, we are able to provide our students with the visual strategies to break the language code and excel in reading, writing, and spelling.

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Morning Meal Appeals: Why breakfast really is the most important meal of the day

Did you know….

Many of our 8th grade students are testing into honors freshman writing classes at their future high schools? We strive to make sure that every student who leaves Calvary is well equipped spiritually, socially, and academically to thrive, and we hear story after story from parents, students, and high school administrators about how our students are doing just that. These test results are just the latest evidence. Keep reading for an example of some of this exemplary writing!

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5th Grade Garage Sale.

God was faithful to show these children His provision and strengthen their trust in Him for everything, including field trips!

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