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Stories are the Road Inside

I walked through the British Museum in London two summers ago and saw the remains of a man preserved in the ground. Scientists had examined the contents of his stomach, and reported he’d eaten something like barley and grass for

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Who Was Here?

Mrs. Arguello, our Middle School English teacher, asked her 8th grade students to write a memoir. Here is one student’s story… Who Was Here? By Callie Russo (8th grade student) The wind blew in our faces as we rode back

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Giving is Good for You

I read an article recently that provided five ways the act of giving or volunteering is good for the health and well-being of the giver. All five reasons were backed by studies that showed a higher degree of happiness and

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What I learned at Outdoor Education

This week I had the privilege of spending time with our 6th graders at Forest Home Ojai Valley learning, playing, and worshipping. Some readers may consider this to be an obvious case of picking the short straw in the office

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Meet the Master – Vincent Van Gogh

Today your children were introduced to the art of Dutch Post-impressionist, Vincent Van Gogh. Some of Van Gogh’s most famous works are Starry Night, with its swirl of stars and moon over a sleepy town, and his number of self-portraits

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Checking Jesus at the School Door

As one walks into most schools, he won’t see a sign posted, “Check Jesus at the door.” Our systems are never that overt. What does happen in most schools is that education takes place…without the need for Jesus. Students learn

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Creative Writing

Mrs. Arguello, our Middle School English teacher, asked her students to write a short story about an imaginary friend. Students were asked to focus on slowing down important moments with relevant dialogue and narrative action. The students had a lot of

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