Checking Jesus at the School Door

As one walks into most schools, he won’t see a sign posted, “Check Jesus at the door.” Our systems are never that overt. What does happen in most schools is that education takes place…without the need for Jesus. Students learn much of the same math, science, history, and reading and writing that their Christian school counterparts do. When it is time for the holidays, most schools celebrate a cultural form of Christmas without the need for Baby Jesus or Easter without the bloody crucifixion or ascension. Much of the content is the same, leaving many parents with the impression that there is not much of a difference.

magnifying_glass_globe_sm6-e1415459958155.jpgHowever, at Calvary, we look at education very differently. There is no need to check Jesus at the door. Students are encouraged to bring Jesus to bear on every subject—to see the world through the lens of a worldview in which Jesus really is central to the order of nature and our reason for being. In studying math, we learn that we are discoverers of mathematical order because that order pre-existed our human discovery as it has always been in the mind and creativity of God. As students learn to write, they are impressed with the fact that communication is an essential quality of humans as image-bearers of a God who communicates with His creation. Writing has the purpose of sharing that which is spiritual—thoughts and ideas. As budding historians, Calvary students are taught to notice the miraculous and amazing as God’s hand works throughout time in the rise and fall of empires, and as some creatures bear God’s image exceptionally well while others seem to embrace a more fallen nature.

imagesWhen students learn that Jesus is irrelevant to nearly all subjects, the subtle but strong messages seep into their souls. When He is not invited to the Christmas parties, the message is fairly clear that He is someone to be embarrassed by or even ashamed to mention. By making Jesus central, we don’t have to go to great lengths. As we observe inherent order, it is easy to see the fingerprints of the Designer. As we create images that are reflections of the glory we see in creation, we can’t help but see beauty and question why it exists, or how it could exist if we arrived via chaos. One of the surest ways to lose one’s faith is to learn that Jesus is insignificant, irrelevant, or dangerous. While these messages may not be posted as signs on the school entryways, they are imbedded into every lesson that ignores His authorship, design, and central role in history.

Invite your friends to come see how Calvary Christian School is equipping students with a robust and well-grounded faith in the centrality of Jesus!

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