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Mrs. Arguello, our Middle School English teacher, asked her students to write a short story about an imaginary friend. Students were asked to focus on slowing down important moments with relevant dialogue and narrative action. The students had a lot of fun with this assignment and showed remarkable creativity as you can see with this featured short story! Enjoy!

All in a Box
By: Grace Wakeling (8th grade student)

I stood in line for a long time. It was in Henry’s dream. He met all the others, but to Henry I was special. When Henry woke up I was there. I was crystal clear to my dear Henry. However, he was five then, we went everywhere together. Nothing could have pulled us apart. Although, when my precious Henry was six his very un-imaginary friend, Parker, specifically said, “I can’t believe you think he’s real. This all came from your head.”

This hurt, and it was completely false. I came out of my Henry’s heart and into his dream then to his reality. However, his reality is not kind to imaginary folk like me.

At my darling Henry’s seventh birthday party I noticed my feet were gone. They were there but not even I could see them. I had been trained for this in Friend Growth class before I met my shining treasure, Henry. This is what happens when the friend of an imaginary friend starts coming out of his imaginary world and into reality. I was ashamed so I covered where my feet should have been with cardboard boxes.

About a month later my hands and legs were missing and soon covered with boxes as well. When angel Henry was almost eight my whole arms were gone. With Parker out of town for the week my beloved Henry came back to me but left me again when Parker returned. My studies in Friend Growth told me I would be completely gone before Henry turned nine years old. When beautiful Henry turned eight I couldn’t help not smothering him with my love. As I tried to hug Henry and get his attention I felt even farther from my darling when he couldn’t feel my touch. I have always cared for my Henry, I hold the memories he cannot remember.

Henry no longer cares for me enough to notice me. I do not have the ability to stop loving Henry with all my heart, above and beyond. I am now only an ashamed to be forgotten box with eyes. For as much I cannot stop loving Henry, I cannot stop watching his every move. As well as being a friend I am also his guardian. When I said nothing could pull us apart I was right and to this day I am still with him. I will be with him until we move on to a perfect place. Because now and forever I am a forgotten box in Henry’s memory.

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