The bounce pass—one of the most fundamental moves in basketball. When we watch a bounce-passcollege or professional basketball game, most don’t even take note of its existence. We pay attention to the three point shots and spectacular dunks. If you ask most who have mastered the game of basketball though, we find that most practiced the bounce pass, the lay-up, and the free throw thousands of times, perfecting their execution. If you like baseball, it is the fielding of grounders and fly balls and endless swings at the batting cage. Football, try the five yards and out pass or a “simple” snap between center and the quarterback.

cardsetSimilar to the bounce pass, lay-up and free throw, there are fundamentals in most any art or science. In reading, it is phonograms, phonemic awareness, and comprehension skills; in history, it is the timeline, with its people, events, and movements; and in biology, it is cells, bones, organs, and systems. Mastery of the fundamentals leads to the poetic application of those basics as we get older.

At Calvary, we are thoughtfully approaching fundamental skills at the appropriate time in order to help our students thrive in the various disciplines. Our attention to these details leads to our students NOT having to give attention to them as they mature in their academic careers. We would love to talk to you about our curricular choices that enable our students to think and communicate efficiently and effectively.

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