Johnny Can Spell

IMG_2737 At CCS, we want to encourage a love of learning from the earliest age. A strong phonics program is the beginning of this vision to see our children become lifelong learners. We are excited to introduce a seasoned and time-tested approach to phonics in our JK through 5th grades that will teach students to read and write fluently. Giving our students the building blocks of phonics, the first 54 phonograms, we are able to provide our students with the visual strategies to break the language code and excel in reading, writing, and spelling.

One might ask why we would teach phonics to students who are already reading. The Johnny Can Spell program not only has proven success in teaching students how to read, but it also teaches them how to spell. The difference between this spelling approach and other programs is that it teaches students the rules of spelling rather than just memorizing each word on a twenty-word list each week. Our students will be keeping journals of spelling rules that can be applied to multiple words, enabling them to decode words with confidence and ease. After learning the foundational rules, 6th through 8th grade students will study Greek and Latin roots to unlock the foundation of most of the English language with its distinctive spelling rules.

One of the distinctives that I am confident you will see with this unified approach to phonics instruction is that our students will receive a rigorous program. The secret to excellent education is not driving our students to work harder, but training them to learn efficiently and to come to enjoy the learning process. If you are the type of parent who wants to get a jump start, I encourage you to look at her phonogram page at: This will provide you with all 70 phonograms included in the Johnny Can Spell program.

My vision for Calvary is that we will come to be known as the school where students are known for excellence because they love learning, not because we force them to work harder and longer.


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