A Reason to Serve: A Story about Dr. Troy Wathen


A Reason to Serve: A Story about Dr. Troy Wathen

By Jack Sullivan, 8th grade student 

Dr. Troy Wathen, Head of School here at Calvary, truly has found a reason to be involved with education. I recently has a chance to sit down with him to discuss his life and what has led him to be in the position he is in now.

As we talked about his life, he began to tell me about his childhood. He grew up in Downey, California and was the ASB President in High School. What I found most shocking was that, as a kid, he doesn’t think that he worked to his full potential in school. He believes that is why he is so passionate about education. He believes that he can get the full potential out of the students, to give them a brighter and more prosperous future.

We went to Westmont College, and then got his first job at a bank. He stayed in that industry for a few years then decided to go to Azusa Pacific University to get his Master’s degree. From there, he went to Texas, the lone star state, to help start a school there. While he was in Texas, he had two daughters in two years. They are 13 and 14 today. From there, he went to Colorado, then to San Luis Obispo. After two years there, he moved down to Orange County.

When he was a kid, he specialized in track and cross country for his sports. He liked to play football, but he thought he wasn’t big enough to play the game. He excelled in track and loved to do it as well.

He says the biggest challenge in his life is having a daughter with autism. He told me about how that has shaped the way he approaches education. He is more sympathetic than he would’ve been to parents who have a child who doesn’t quite get a subject or maybe just doesn’t fit in. That is one of the things I was most impressed about.

After meeting with Dr. Troy Wathen, I can truly attest that he is a great man and is the start of a great new beginning here at Calvary!

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