First Days are the Best!

The start of any new school year is an exciting time, and this year is no different. It is a time to look forward and dream of what we might learn and who we might be at the end of the year. It is a time to look forward and dream of what God might do in these halls, on the playground, in the classrooms, off campus, and in the hearts of our students and families. We have completed our first full week of school and things are in full swing here at Calvary! This week we began to worship together in the beautifully refurbished chapel,  practiced procedures, and started projects. Learning begins right away! Teachers and students began the important work of getting to know each other and building learning communities.

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Here are some of the things our students are saying about their first days:

“The best part of kindergarten is learning about the Bible.”  – Kindergarten student

“My favorite thing about staring school was listening to our head of school sing worship” – 8th grade student

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“I love the playground at Calvary Christian School!” – Kindergarten student

“The best part of kindergarten is a new batch of precious little ones who start each day with a smile and lots of love to share!” -Mrs. Lockhart

“The best part of starting school is seeing all my friends and meeting all my amazing teachers that love and care for me so much.” – 7th grade student

“I actually learned a lot on the very first day of school!” – 5th grade student

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“What I love about this school is my teachers and their teaching.” – 7th grade student

“I have been enjoying being at this new school.  Everyone here is very nice and I just like it here!” – 5th grade student

“I loved the HUGE waves at beach day and swimming with Dr. Wathen” – 8th grade boys

“What I love about my school is that we are able to talk about God and pray together.” – 7th grade student

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“The best part of JK so far is making letter C cats and groups.” – Junior Kindergarten student

“School is fantastic and awesome!” – 5th grade student

“I like Calvary because all my friends are always there for me.” – 7th grade student

IMG_7295 ShermanBrockman

“The first days of school were amazingly amazing!” – 5th grade student

“Amazingly amazing!” I think that pretty much sums it up. We are so glad to be in community with each and every one of you!

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