Want It!


The gym goes silent. All that can be heard is the bounce of a ball…“BAM!” the player serves. The ball bounces awkwardly off of the outstretched arms of the opponent, and it is not returned…it’s an “ace”!

Volleyball is an intense sport played with six players on each side of a net. “I enjoy playing volleyball because it requires a great deal of teamwork and it is quick, so you have to stay active and on your toes,” said power-server Julia Bharwani. I had the privilege of coaching the 5th-6th grade volleyball team again this year. Since most of our team was composed of returning players from last year, we meshed from the beginning. The skills of each girl developed well and we were able to accomplish 3-touch plays, often having rallies with the other teams. Our accurate serves definitely assisted this team in winning many games. This team of nine 6th graders won the majority of the games they played this season, but more importantly, “Our team is like a family,” Brittney Pino said, and Amy Lee added, “[They are] always positive and cheer me on even if I make a mistake.” It was a pleasure to coach these girls this year. They had a ton of heart, great sportsmanship and really desired to improve and do the best that they could. Our goal was foremost to be satisfied with how we played, no matter the score on the board in the end.   Number 14, Sage Lewotsky mentioned, “Our season went really well. We worked so hard, and we grew in the sport too.”

When it came time for Playoffs, we knew we could win, even though we had some trouble with the opposing team in the past. The girls recognized that they needed to bring full effort and their best concentration, and with both they pulled off a win. We reached Championships! In the championship game, we were up against Huntington Christian, the first place team. They beat us once previously and we beat them once, so the game could have gone either way. One of our setters, Mikayla Tesdall, led a cheer: “WANT IT!” and the championship began. In a nerve-wracking match, our girls met the challenge and played with excellence and perseverance, winning the Championship for Calvary! Faces red from exertion, with giant smiles, the 6th graders proudly carried their tall, shiny trophy to center court to celebrate!

casey–By Casey Morlet, teacher and coach

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July 2014
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