Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Klein, Third Grade

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Calvary is blessed to have Ann Klein as one of our third grade teachers. Ms. Klein came to Calvary Christian School in 2001, years after her own son attended here. She is currently enjoying her fourteenth year of teaching at CCS.

Calvary’s teachers share a bond of having a love for teaching at a Christian school.   Ms. Klein refers to this sense of calling, by commenting, “I love to teach, because I like to change and touch lives, and I like to teach in a Christian School, because I feel like I am touching eternity.”

When Ms. Klein first came to CCS, she taught second grade. Now, as a third grade teacher, she notes that there is a lot of growth that takes place during the life of a child during these two years of school.

“It’s really terrific to see that change,” Ms. Klein comments. “Third grade is quite a train ride. This is where they learn cursive…It’s also a very busy time, because they learn multiplication tables and division, and [there] is also a transition where they change from being little kids to [being] the bigger kids … It’s very exciting to watch them grow.”

Just as the CCS community has been blessed by Ms. Klein’s teaching, she feels blessed by her years at CCS.

When asked, “What makes you smile about CCS?” Ms. Klein answers, “Everything. I just walk around with a grin on my face most of the time. The kids fill your heart with such joy. You just can’t help but smile.”

Ms. Klein also believes that the CCS environment impacts entire families. “CCS is a place where kids as well as parents … become close to each other. I think [that] is because God’s love is there, and I see it. We have ties that bind us that are stronger than anything else. It’s amazing.”

Students in Ms. Klein’s class are taught that God has a plan for their lives. She is quick to point out that she has seen His plan in her own life, and shares a special story about how God has shown her this:

“Many, many years ago, the Lord spoke to me, and told me I would be used mightily by him. My first year here, at the end of the year, one of the parents came to me and said that, ‘the Lord has used you mightily in the life of my child. That’s when I thought, ‘whoa,’ I remember that promise! It’s happening. That was probably the most glorious moment. To realize that God’s mission for me was fulfilled in me being a teacher here.”

This powerful experience, in Ms. Klein’s own life, has strengthened her resolve to share the news of God’s love and the fact that he has a plan for each child.

Reflecting on the spiritual growth that occurs within the CCS community, Ms. Klein notes, “God is always at work, and I see Him constantly changing, refining … encouraging and teaching me to count and depend on Him.”

–By Zachary and Avery, RGHC student interns

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