“Awesome” Science


If you’re looking for the kindergarteners at science time, you might want to check in our classroom where we’re growing carrots to catch a glimpse of edible roots, or perhaps we’re outside tending to our kumquat tree growing on campus.  We may be testing the direction and strength of the wind with our windsocks, or maybe we’re inside today sorting various types of rocks, wood, and other Earth materials.  Last Friday, however, you would have had to look for us at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.  There will be some fish visiting our classroom next week for our new animal unit, but first we decided to visit THEM!

Our “school” of 60 kindergarten scientists and some amazing parent chaperones arrived at the aquarium Friday morning, and immediately embarked on an on-site classroom adventure where we learned about whales, sharks (they don’t eat humans because we lack blubber – thank the LORD!), jellyfish (did you know some can be bigger than sharks?), and crabs.  The rest of our day was spent exploring and observing God’s creation at the aquarium.  Students used almost all of their five senses (excluding taste – no fish were eaten on this trip!) to explore the animals.  We could smell the penguins before we saw them, heard the chirp of the lorikeets as they landed on our nectar-laden hands, saw fish more colorful than a rainbow, sang to the seals, and touched sharks, rays, and jellyfish!

Looking at God’s creatures for a kindergartener means asking amazing questions (some only the Lord can answer), getting very close, following new friends along the glass, and touching everything.  What a treat it is for me to explore the world of science and creation through the eyes of those who recognize that the only word for what God has done is, “Awesome”.



–By Michelle Gracey, Kindergarten Teacher

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