Art Exploration

jr high art class

It is an exciting time in the art room right now.  We are learning art techniques, art history and incorporating literacy standards into our learning.  I am so glad I teach art, because literacy plays such an important role in understanding art and the intent of an artist who creates a work of art with meaning.  As we look at fine art we read the visual work, understand how it is organized, find out what is being communicated, and cite key ideas and details to support our opinions about the piece.  We are using art specific language and growing in knowledge about the visual arts, art techniques, and the world around us.

On another art note, the junior high art students recently took an interactive field trip to study Contemporary and Modern Art sculptures and paintings at the LA County Museum of Art.  This is such a great trip for our students, because they can connect and relate so well to the innovative art of our time.


–By Jennifer Lee, Art teacher

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