Seeing Positive Change with Positive Action

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Last year, CCS decided it was time to look for some fresh Bible curriculum. Teachers were so excited to evaluate a few curriculums and choose what worked for us here at Calvary! In the end, a committee selected Positive Action Bible curriculum as their recommendation, and we were able to try a few sample lessons before making our final choice. I personally was blown away!

The sample lessons I chose to use, were about God’s concern for us. Instead of learning a Bible story, I was excited to have the kids get into God’s word and read scriptures that told them that God planned every detail of who they are. We talked about their physical appearance, the family they were given, their talents and abilities, and their struggles. By the end of the first lesson, I had a student in tears sharing a personal struggle with our class. Then an amazing thing happened- we all prayed over her. When God answered our prayers a few days later, we were able to share in her joy. I saw God’s plans for His church come to life in my fourth grade class. Their hearts were personally affected in this one sample week.

When I asked my students for their thoughts, the responses showed that the kids noticed the difference too. I giggled when one student shared that he didn’t like the new curriculum because it made him look into his heart, and that doing so was personal, hard, and uncomfortable. I think as adults we can relate, but it’s just the type of discomfort we need to facilitate connecting with God and others!

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I am so excited that we chose this curriculum. I love that my kids are opening their Bibles and discussing the four types of miracles Jesus performed and categorizing them by the type of power Christ was showing. I also loved writing down labels we have been given by people in our lives, then tearing those up to replace them with nametags filled with the way God speaks of us. My students are seeing God in a more powerful and personal way this year. That is the reason I teach at Calvary Christian School. Thank God for this place.


–by Patti Dedmon, 4th grade teacher

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