Who Did It?


The Curse of the Cobra’s Kiss is a murder mystery, consisting of a mysterious series of events that lead up to one question: Who did it? With many unusual and suspicious characters such as a spiteful secretary, a greedy director, and two nosy reporters, it’s hard to guess who the killer is! But not to worry, Jessica Maples and Hercules Porkchop are here to save the day and solve the crime!

When people think of a play, normally what comes to mind is a bright red curtain, or a spotlight shining on a single person, which sometimes can be the case. What they don’t think about is the hustling backstage, or the people waiting in the wings for their cues. Because that’s an actor’s job. We try to make the audience forget where they are and to believe it’s real. To bring them into a completely different story that’s not their own. Of course, to obtain this story and bring it to life, it takes hard work and dedication.

First come the auditions, which for some people can be as nerve-racking as they sound. But when you get the part you want you can’t stop smiling, and if you don’t, you’ll have just as much fun playing a different character. Next comes the editing, which is two full days of writing down script changes. Then it’s time for blocking, where you learn where to walk and what to do while saying your lines. It’s time consuming, but fun nonetheless. Towards the end come the rehearsals, and then dress rehearsals, where you prepare yourself for the real thing, which quickly approaches. Then it’s time. Opening night. It’s the night where all the work pays off and people can see it, see the cast, and see you.

Being in a play isn’t just about entertaining the audience, as most people say. It’s about a group of different individuals, coming together to do what they love, being on a stage and acting. Alone, we couldn’t do it, but together, we create something amazing.

Come see CCS Advanced Acting in The Curse of the Cobra’s Kiss and support me, Maya, Joy, Bailey, Hallie, Daphne, Kailey, Jonathan, Caleb, Faris, Max, Chase, Connor, Nick, and Joel.  Performances are on February 27th at 7:00 p.m. ($5) and February 28th at 10:00 a.m. (free) in the Worship Center.  Raffle tickets will be sold at both performances for $1 each.  This play is recommended for ages 4th grade and up.

–by Jessica B., CCS 8th grader

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