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Congratulations to the Calvary Jr. High Boys Basketball Team
for placing 2nd in their division!

The season started strong and we persevered to the end. Our goals this year included improving our skills as players, reaching the championship game, and most importantly representing our school by demonstrating Christian values while playing.

Our coach, Mr. Anderson, is one of the best out there and stresses the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship, whether we won or lost. He helped us work toward our goals, through positive reinforcement and specific instruction on how we could improve our play. If a player did something incorrectly during practice or in a game, instead of yelling like many coaches, he spoke to players on the sideline and taught us how to do it the right way. This is something truly wonderful about our athletic program that I haven’t always seen among other schools we have played.

I enjoyed playing on this team because we made it fun. Instead of stressing out over every shot and play, we just moved forward and supported one another. This makes the experience feel much more like playing with friends at break, than a tense, “win it all costs” environment.
—by Brett A., CCS 7th grader

Q&A with Coach Garret Anderson

Q: What were your goals for the season?
A: My goals for the season didn’t lie in wins and losses. The focus was to teach basketball fundamentals and how to compete. To me, competing means giving your all, and at the end of the game being satisfied with your best. Even more, I wanted to exemplify good Christian character and be a positive role model for the boys.

Q: What do you enjoy about coaching at Calvary?
A: I’ve known the boys for sometime now, so it’s fun working with them. They are good boys and coachable as well. I love when I teach them a skill, and they are able to execute it in the game right away. This isn’t always easy to do.

Q: What is the difference between playing in the game and standing on the sideline?
A: When I played, I always felt in control, and I could affect the outcome of the game. Now that I’m on the sideline, I feel like my hands are somewhat tied. I know I can still affect the end result, but I prefer to have the ball in my hands.

Q: Why basketball and not baseball?
A: The obvious reason is my son is on the team, but also, basketball is my first love. It’s a game in which I excelled while in high school, so I have some knowledge to share with the boys.

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